frequently asked questions

do you ship internationally?

you bet!! international shipping for stickers alone is $3.00+, and international shipping for orders including prints and other items is $7+. 

when will my order arrive?

i go to the post office once or twice a week, so you should get a shipping notification 3-5 business days after you place your order!

all domestic orders include a tracking number, so orders should arrive in 3-4 days after receiving your shipping notification.

if your order only includes stickers, here's some estimated shipping times (this is after you get the notification that your order has shipped!)

> CANADA: about a week


> EUROPE: 2 weeks

> ASIA: 2 weeks 

> AUSTRALIA: 2 weeks

if you add tracking to your international sticker order, you’ll be able to keep tabs on it, but it might take longer to arrive as it will have to process through customs.

if your order includes prints or other larger/heavier items, your package will take a little bit longer to arrive, as it has to travel through customs: 

> CANADA: 1-2 weeks


> EUROPE: 2-3 weeks

> ASIA: 2-3 weeks 

> AUSTRALIA: 2-3 weeks

please keep these shipping times in mind when ordering for special occasions!

if your package still hasn't arrived after this amount of time, do not hesitate to reach out to me — i'll be more than happy to help in whatever way i can.

NOTE: if your country is known for having an unreliable postal system, and you've included an art print or larger item in your order, i strongly suggest you complete your order WITH TRACKING. i know it's more expensive, but it will save you and i a lot of worry and time as it will help insure that your package does not get lost.


i got my shipping confirmation a while ago and my order still hasn't arrived...

i'm so sorry for the delay! your package was mostly likely lost in the shipping process. please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and i'll be happy to help you out.

when will _____ be restocked?

i try to restock within the week for sticker sheets, but this is variable due to the production time of the company that prints them. art prints are made on-demand in my home studio, so no need to worry about those selling out. ;-) as far as things like one-off pieces such as embroidery/paintings, those are made as my schedule allows. so if there's something you like, best to nab it before someone else does!

i can't find (particular sticker sheet) anymore!! what happened?

i discontinued it! i like cycling out designs to make room for new ones so i can come up with fun new stuff for y’all! i announce on instagram and my e-mail list when i’m on the last stock of a design. be sure to sign up for my e-mail list (and follow me on insta, @chey.barton) so you can keep up to date on changes in the shop.

what do you use to make your stickers?

i design them using procreate on my ipad pro, along with adobe photoshop and illustrator. they are printed in sweden by a company called stickerapp! 


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